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I cannot say that I know too much about these watches. I know they are designed by a Japanese guy who obviously has an incredible taste for watches. I have read on internet that he is called Ken Sato (or Ken Trading). I even have found what seems to be a picture of the guy (but who knows, he may be a japanese chef or hairdresser).

He started with a Marina Militare homage. So good that you can now find Chinese replica watches of his homage watch. That is a unique case….

He then went to produce the Milgraph. A unique watch. Reminds a bit to Panerai (or a lot, if you want), but it is not a homage. Initially it came with a 7750, and later with a venus-Seagull chrono movement. It has one of the best cases I have seen 

But I am not here to talk about this watch. Maybe some other day (I own one of those). And maybe someone can discuss other interesting watches coming from the Rockx/RXW stable:


Zero Grapher


But I am here to review the Rockx Solid Perpetual Date Subpromarine Revolution. Yes, I know. Too long. Almost like a joke. And since the name reminds you of your beloved watch (the pokies online ROLEX!!!), your mind goes from “how ridiculous” to “how they dare” or “this should be a crime”. And to make things worse, this watch is a homage of another controversial Rolex:

 Controversial because some people think that is a fake. Well, if that is the case, Antiquorium found a fool that paid a fortune for a fake. Millionaires, let´s face it, are not stupid, so without doubt the watch is good.

If I had to describe the watch with one phrase, I would use attention to detail. Take for instance the presentation. From the external case to the inner case, everything reminds you to the Rolex experience.


The watch is extremely well made. I do not know if the watch is done in Japan or in China. But it is very well made. Almost as well as Time factors 0636) to make an appointment with a hazelwood school district guidance counselor who will assist you in enrolling and registering your student for classes. watches. They look german! Rock and Solid are in the dial, and there is a reason for that….

But maybe I should start with the engine. An ETA 2824. Boring, but reliable. And easy to service. Good choice in my view.

Attention to detail. The crown design. The crown tube. The crown guard. Even the stem is as stiff as the one of my Sea Dweller……

And if you wonder whether the crown guard is comfy. Yes it is. A lot.
But yet again, let´s keep the focus. Attention to detail. The crystal. As thick as a brick, and domed....The bezel, well finished...

But let´s keep the focus. Attention to detail. The bracelet. As good as any. No, I should clarify this. As good as the best watches I have, including the Rolexes.

Well, if after all this you still this watch is a joke, well, I think I have nothing to tell you. Or maybe yes. Wake up. Open your mind. And your ears. Things are not black or white. Or good or evil. Or original and fake. This watch is in the frontier. Enjoy it. If you find one. They are extremely rare…More than Rolexes in fact…

Regards….from a quintuple Rolex owner….that loves Rockx watches…..Good boy. Bad boy…You know…..








thanks to angeche





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