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 As expected the crystall is sapphire and has a great depth to it. I dunno how thick it actually is but my guess is around 3,5-4mm(?). Because of the design the dial looks "sunken" deeply in to the case compared to say the PRS-20. The crystal looks stunning and the pics really dont do it any justice at all. The closest that comes to my mind on how the crystal reflects and playes with light is IWC Aquatimer 3536. It is gorgeous.

Brother and sister




 The depth rating of 12ATM aint anything special compared to some others watches on the market but it is well enough for most purposes that this watch is likely to face on the wrists of those lucky ones to own it. Besides there are others branches of "Militare" besides the marine commandos whom are most likely more happy with something like the "Professionale" and "Hi-Dive". I think this watch is just what guys like Arnie and Sly would have used in their box office hits of the 80´s if the watch had been available at the time of their shooting :D

Then there are the straps, no bracelets for this fella I am afraid.

There has been a lot of talk about the Anonimo straps and in particular their patented "Kodiak" process used to make em impervuous to seawater. Instead of trying to explain it myself I opt for the lazy mans approach and cite the aforementioned article again. So, what Anonimos Kodiak actually is it is

"a formula to make watch straps wearable in salt water. Usable with all kinds of leather - calf, ostrich, cow, you name it - the vegetable-resin mixture allows water to escape back out of the Italian leathers rather than seep in and remain there, as it would normally do. This superior resistance to water has come in very handy for Anonimo."

OK... Now, I dont get my straps wet intentionally as I am not a diver so I dunno how it works in real life but based on what I´ve read the process is succesfull at doing what it says it does. So, forgetting the whole Kodiak thing and just looking it as what it really is - a strap - I think it is OK. - Nicely finished and thick if nothing spectacular per se. The buckle too is OK. Both the strap and buckle work well and are as nicely finished as expected at this price league. What has to said though is how the design of the lower lugs with the crown protector affect the strap performance.

The cut out works well as there is plenty of leather left so that the strap is strongly attached to the watch. In that regard its not likely it would be torn off. However, there is a caveat with the lower lugs design, no matter how smart it is otherwise:

Because there is nothing on neither side of the strap ends the strap stays put because the center piece of the crown protector is situated on the cut off keeping the strap from falling off the pin on either side. However, once the strap gets worn and soft the strap ends tend to "crawl" over the pin bar on both sides, making it look rather untidy. There is also the risk of the strap falling completeley off if either of the strap ends gets nicked or pulled off the pin. I suspect it wont happen as there is sufficient lenght of pin on both sides but I can help not thinking that the design is compromized on this regard. - Either there should be actual "lugs" on both sides to prevent the strap ends to crawl off the pin bar or there should be short pieces of tubes glued inside of both strap endings to keep em steady when the strap gets worn and soft. A rubber strap wouldnt be a bad option on this regard. See the below pic for the beginning "crawl" of the strap end. Also, I cant help but thinking that the method used to keep the pin bar in place by the small screw that fits a hole in the bar pin is a flawed one. - First of all it is a pain in-you-know-what to position it right to get the tiny screw in after strap change; secondly I dont like the idea that there is just one tiny screw that is actually keepig the pin bar in place and having the watch staying on my wrist. If that screw opens... it can be a very expensive accident indeed :roll: Anonimo should have studied the loaded spring method used by IWC for somewhat similar purpose on their bracelets and end links (the pin retaining-screw is easily see on below pics). The IWC method is both reliable and userfriendly. Nuff said.

Ok... then a few words about the dial. One likes the daughter and one prefers the mother. So are things regarding taste. Below pictured are examples of the handwound version with Anonimos OX-PRO finished "PVD" case on the right and an auto movement version on the left. The Auto version lack´s the logo which IMHO balances the dial on the hw version. Also I find that the matte subdial on the hw suits better the style of the watch than that on the auto version. Then there is the magnified date window which IMHO kills the purity of the design on the auto. It´s purely a matter of personal taste. Nothing more nor less. Just compare the pics below and draw your own conclusions.



Militare militare

Time to wrap it up

 I think Anonimo got it just right with "Opera Meccana". Indeed - like the opera you either love it or loath it but one thing is for sure. It´s got soul. More so actually than perhaps any other watch I´ve had. If all Anonimos share this same feeling... I think I´ve found my spiritual "home" what comes to watches. And the search has been long.

Oh, right, almost forgot - that thing about loving the crown vanishing device that drives me mad... well... It´s one of those things. The Italians... They´ve got style. They´ve got design. And oh boy are they controversial. Just like The Ferrari. - It´s so low but oh so wide. It´s so beautifull but oh so powerfull. Its so rare but oh so famous. It´s so fast but oh so timeless. As two such controversial makes I think Anonimo and Ferrari have a lot in common. And actually, in a way, they do: there is a <a href="http://www.novitecrosso.com/boutique2.htm#1">special limited edition Militare made for Novitec Rosso</a>. In their own words:

"NOVITEC ROSSO and ANONIMO joins the common aim to create exceptional products for exceptional characters. NOVITEC ROSSO is well known due to the conversion of the fabulous and very fast Italian cars making them even more exciting and exceptional. The mechanical watches of Anonimo are as exceptional and exclusive as a NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari."

Yeah, pretty nice wheels that Novitec Ferrari. - But, its still disappointing. I guess that the guys driving Novitec Ferrari´s are spoiled brats: they chose the auto version of the Militare! I guess they have automatic gearboxes too instead of the good ol´clutch and stick! So, yeah, I may not have a old school Ferrari but my handwound Anonimo Militare 2004 more than compensates for the lack of it as they both have soul worth sacrificing some convenience for :twisted:





This review was published on TZ-UK.com by JCJM. All credits should go to him.

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