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Anonimo Militare 2004

Anonimo watches, made exclusively in Florence by masters of the art of watchmaking, they have enjoyed over a decade of success and innovative design. The name "Anonimo", Italian for "anonymous", is their key design philosophy. Their watches, the website indicates, "are not about us, they are about the individual" - this shows in wide range of styles that reflect a variety of personalities and tastes in contemporary timepieces

After long and exhausting search, including phoning ANONIMO S.p.A. in Firenze and suddenly findig myself speaking of watches and debating the virtues of espresso vrs. instant coffee with the president of the company, Mr. Federico Massacesi, I was contacted by a Swedish-Italian WIS who had seen my WTB on Timezone. The guys name is Antonio Lavecchia and he had one of the first series of hand wound Militares that was bought in Milan airport and he was willing to sell it to me. By that time I had already spotted five other 2004´s, most of them in US, but I trusted my gut instincts that this was the one I wanted.

Antonio was superb to deal with and after few emails and agreeing on the details the deal was quickly made. After a couple of days wait I got it and was overwhelmed by the overall quality and balance of the design. The day after I received it I took it along with the PRS-20 as my sole watches for a two week trip to the seashore of western Finland. I´ve now had it for about a month and have enough experience with it to give a somewhat unbiased report on it. Here goes:


When Anonimo launched in 1997, more or less after triller like events, raising like the proverbial Phoenix bird from the ashes of the headquarters of the Pre-Vendome Panerai in Florence it was to be this watch that would eventually grasp the wider attention of those in WISdom to this new, "Anonymus", company (their first model AFAIK was the Millemetri). The rest is, as the saying goes, history.

Speaking of which, there has been much said about the practices and offerings of the "Anonymus" company in comparison to the other, better known, company. I wont go there as I pretty much think that opinions are like buttholes - everyone´s have one. Suffice it to say that I like the products of both enterprises but favor the spirit of the "Anonymus" to that of the other one. That out of the way lets proceed to the watch itself.

It is big but not too big for most wrists at 43mm x 14mm´sh. The crown protector -crown vanishing device in Anonimo-language - that is easily seen on the pic below makes the lug to lug lenght of the Militare a tad difficult to compare with other, "normal" watches. Suffice it to say that It looks more awkward than it actually is what comes to wearability. Winding the movement... well, more on that later. Strap widht is 22mm but you have to use Anonimos own straps unless you want to play a surgeon and cut them to fit the lower lug design.

gallery from Anonimo website






 There was either a design or material flaw that resulted on many of the first Militare 2004´s crown to fell off after having the shaft broken due to not making sure the crown was fully in before locking the crown protector after time adjustments (the watch is intended to be wound with the crown protector in closed position). This happened to my watch also two years ago and it was sent to Firenze where the crown and shaft were replaced with a new, beefier design (the crown on my watch does not have the Anonimo logo on it). They also changed the design at some point so that the spring bar with drilled through holes on the upper lugs was replaced by a screw type attachement that has screws on both ends. An unnecessary and superficial "update" in my opinion.





 I dont have pics of the movement but its the ETA Unitas 6497-1 with 17 jewels, adjusted in 4 positions, soigne. It works just like expected: good power reserve and good time keeping. No problemos what so ever. It´s a true and tried, solid, design that IMO fits this watch extraordinarily well.


 The case is standard AISI 316 Plus but dare I say it is very,very nicely finished with flowing lines and just the right balance of curvature and straight lines. And, according to <a href="http://i.b5z.net/i/u/988471/i/IW_article_May_07_TP52.pdf">this article</a> about Anonimo they do it a bit differently than most (International Watch of May 2007):

"they believe that it is best to leave the metal?s molecules as they were intended. Thus, they do not stamp and heat the case blanks like conventional case-making processes dictate. Here, they have developed a process over the years with a machine that literally carves out the round case, ?scooping? the excess metal away, never hitting the metal and shaking up its molecules. After the ten-minute scooping process is completed, the blank is completely smooth, looking something like a miniature UFO, but not one that would slice into your fingers. (...) After being scooped to a fine saucer, the blank continues onto a CNC machine outfitted with thirty tools for refinement, at which time the lugs are formed as part of the whole piece and the case takes its definitive shape. (...) cases are generally matte and sandblasted. This casual look is not an easy one to achieve, but using traditional processes makes it possible. The cases are prepared with sandpaper, first a more aggressive one, then a finer one. Then the cases are high polished using silk wheels and a paste. The cases are then sandblasted with real sand and put through casino online a final run with sandpaper. ?Every watch case is really a piece of best online casino art,?..."

Pic: International Watch of May 2007





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