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watch care and maintenance



 Have you ever had a watch running slow or fast? If yes , you have 2 options. Either take it to a watchmaker tohave it regulate it , or you can do it yourself. Don't try this with your expensive watches. If you ruin your watch , do not blame me .For this how-to we will use a Citizen Promaster automatic diver watch with the 8203 caliber movement by Miyota Japan.



What tools will we need? A Jaxa type case opener. Their prices vary. Some vendors list them for $5 $10 nbso $20 libras horoscope has inclination to idealize things and that?s why may have illusions cleared up in the long run. when some other more expensive ones for almost $80. You may also need an eye casino spiele loupe , a watchmakers screwdriver with a small fine tip , replacement Orings and a lot of patience.

We begin by aligning the teeth from the case opener onto the case back. Once they are alighned and tight start unscrewing it . After a while the case back will get loose and you can use your fingers to remove it from the watch. 



Using your small screwdriver or even your finger , move the rotor out of the way and locate the - symbols. If your watch is running fast , move the little level towards the - sign  , if it is running slow , towards the sign.



Always do it one notch at a time. Once finished , put everything back together , wind the watch , wear it for few days , see how it runs and repeat if needed.  It is a good idea to replace your Oring seal at this time . 


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