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Hi all,

Here is my pictorial of the most important and oldest watch of my collection so far.
I sincerely hope you will share my happiness.

Rolex Submariner 1680 from 1978.

It all ended like this:
While looking at my favourite dealer photos it reminded me of the route to love the 1680, and specially the white one.

My relationship whith the Submariner is passionate (Oh, really?).

In the first period of this hobby, back in 2006, I’ve been looking for 16610 ONLY

Well, it took me till the age of 47 to realise that in the end my grail watch was the one and only Submariner.
Specialy with date and cyclop!

I added a genuine 16610 from 1999 to my collection first.

Then a 16800.

The climax

Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Here is the star of my collection.

It features the original Square crystal, not the beveled service one (allthoug I love the beveled, it’s better to have it 100% original!)

The dial is amazing. So neat and white for a 31 casino spiele year old tritium one!

The CG’s aren’t bad either

My favourite feature is the silver date wheel.
It looks much better in person. I’m very bad in capturing these details :(
I’m really lucky as this silver date wheel is not always found on vintage Rolex.
Now I have a 16800 and a 1680 with the silver touch!

The bracelet is the famous 9315, folded.

The end

It has been serviced in 2005.

The time keeping is just hard to believe.
24:00 => 0
48:00 => 7 and then going back to less than 7 and so on.
After a week, it was still around 10.

Thanks for looking,

Stephane ( thanks for his review )

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