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Ennebi Fondale 1000m

 I bought this watch some weeks ago, and it may be too early for a reivew but I just have to give you guys and gals some input on the watch.

The watch is created by Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri, and I didn´t know much about the orgins of the watch nor the company building these beautys. I just like the data of the watch and how it looked.

After I bought the watch I started too read everything in the instruction manual that came along with the watch and on the net. Ennebi watch is a company of engineres who used to work for the military.

David Woo over at wus told me this: (Number 220 is my watch and 222 is Davids)
"#222 made in 2006, the older version with the 22 mm lugs.
Alessandro was head of engineering for Panerai, and he designed this, their first 1000 meter dive watch, in 1980 and a few prototypes were made but no navies ordered it so it never went into production. When Richemont bought Panerai and moved it to Switzerland, many employees chose to stay in Firenze and Alessandro started Ennebi.
It is a monster of a watch."

Tech specs
Self winding movment 25,60 Caliber (probably ETA)
Power reserve 38 hours
Case in grade 5 Ti
Water and pressure tested of 1000m
Organic glass with AR
Luminous minute digits and indicators
Self-locking bidirectional bezel, clicks every 2,5 min
Tantalum bezel index (can custom order platina, casino online white and yellow gold)
22mm lugs





Very good lume (it´s even bright lume on seconds hand)
Easy to read the dial In a society increasingly stricken with disease and illness, tea programs.
Doesn´t scratch... (atleast not as my other Ti diver, Oris)
Very solid
The straps that came with the watch is a really nice blue "kodiak" sea-water proof strap

Some lume on the "9" is a bit out of place
Collects alot of dirt under bezel, but it´s easy to remove in the sink or in the shower
The glass scratches very easy, but you can polish it out easy

This watch isn´t for everyone (and that´s a good thing in my book), and even the company writes in the manual "...this watch was built for collectors, aventures, research teams..." and the Fondale was tested by a Polar research team before it´s release, and it did very well in the sub-zero conditions.


 It´s very clear that this is a dive watch. I mean: just look at it




This sutes me well, because 1) I like the feel that the watch can withstand a serious beating and 2) I did my service at the Costal Rangers (Eg. Royal Marines for you brits) so water is the thing for me. and 3) I like the look of divers.







So to sum it up: It´s a big watch bulit for diving and extrem conditions. You can custom order your watch the way you want it too be and I doubt that you will se more then 2 at the same time. I also like the fact that it´s a well built watch that looks like no other diver, and I think it will become a classic.

This is a keeper for me, and thanks for reading!





The watch and review belong to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Published here by his approval.



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