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How to refinish an Omega Bond bracelet

How to refinish an Omega Bond bracelet






On this how to , you will see how easy it is to refinish a scratched Omega Bond bracelet.

First up you will need the following products, these are the ones I use but many other brands are available.

Scotchbrite pad / pads - various grades are available, emery boards , a Bergeon scratch pen  and microfiber cloths. In addition to all that you will also need :

 1 tooth brush
1 tube of autosol metal polish
1 Packet of cape cod polishing cloths
1 mild soap, liquid soap is best
1 set of decent screw drivers and / or bergeon strap changing tool
1 roll of black insulation tape or masking tape - clear sellotape will suffice if that is all you have


Lets get started ..



First up what are we dealing with:

An Omega Seamaster Bond 300m divers watch. It's a couple of years old and has the usual desk diving marks on the clasp and 12 O'clock side of the bracelet.





 So lets get going

2. remove the bracelet from the watch head using a suitable strap changing tool.

3. Fill a large bowl with very hot water

4. Apply plenty of mild soap to the bracelet and gently aggetate with a soft tooth brush - remember to work well in between all the links, open all clasps, divers extensions and clean both the back and front.

5. now submerge the bracelet in the very hot water NEVER do this whilst the watch head is still attached!!

6. Remove the bracelet from the water and give it a light brush with the toothbrush again and clean in the water again

7. Now pat dry with some kitchen roll - ensure the watch is completely dry.

8. another stage I missed pictures of - whichever links should be polished use a cape cod cloth to buff to high shine / lustre or alternatively use a dremel with a polishing head and apply autosol paste to the areas required. Polish to a deep shine and remove any excess polish by going back to step 4.

9. The important part - Masking up the watch.

I chose to use electrical PVC insulation tape as it mobile casino will stretch and molud to the shape of the bracelet and links - it also has excellent adgesive qualities!

Pic of the bracelet masked up to brush the centre links




Once you have masked the bracelet you can begin the process of brushing, I usually start by using some scotchbrite as this tends to reach the parts of the links that the emery boards stuggle to brush finish.

Move the pad in one direction - DO NOT go backwards and forwards, this will leave an non uniform brush finish..... take your time and don't be afraid of the bracelet it's not going to bite you :wink: keep going until you are happy with the finish.

Now grab a emery board, coarse to start with - usually dark grey in colour. I like using emery boards as they are foam backed and provide a nice uniform finish as the pressure you apply is evenly spread. Again only travel in one direction with the emery board.

 here are some halfway shots of the clasp and one side of the bracelet mid brushing and the other half untouched


and here is the clasp refinished v's the 12 O'Clock side of the bracelet still untouched


 10. Keep going until you are happy with the overall finish until you are ready to refine the finish with a PINK emery board - this is a much finer grade than the dark grey ones but gives a high level of finish not far from OE

11. once you are happy with the finish finally go over ot again with the bergeon touch pen - remember to only travel in the direction of the grain of the brushed finish, eventually your bracelet should look like this........




12. You can then focus on the watch head which is exactly the same as doing the bracelet - travel in the same direction as the grain and take your time, do not rush, that is how you will make mistakes.............. if you have had enough make a cup of tea, check the sales corner and then go back to your refinishing job :D

13. All done? If you are happy, give the watch & bracelet another wash with mild soap and clean in luke warm / tepid water, pat dry with kitchen towel and wipe over with a micro fibre cloth to remove any water stains, dust etc.

14. attach the bracelet to the watch head

15. Take lots of pic's of the finished job



Hopefully the above helps answer some of the queries and questions of the dark art of refinishing a bracelet. I have to say that the Bond bracelet is a real pain to do. Total time on the above was probably just under 2 hours.

If you fancy a go try your skills on something cheap first that does not have any polished sections that way if you make a mistake you won't be gutted that you have a load of polishing to do again :D 











 Biig thanks to gingerboy for this.




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